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What is Clutter ?

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Outlook Clutter Office 365 Hosted Exchange now offers a “Clutter” Feature. The Clutter feature is designed to move low priority messages from your inbox to the Clutter folder making it easier to see important messages. Clutter Analyzes your emails, and…

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Clearing the Browser Cache

Internet Browser IT companies Auckland

From time to time it may be necessary to clear the cache in your browser. This is quite often one of the first steps to troubleshooting browsing issues, so here is a quick tip on how to do it; Internet…

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Office 365 vs Office 2013 Retail

TCO for Office 365 vs Retail   There are a number of options for Licensing Microsoft Office. We are going to outline the two most common ways available currently. Office 365 This is like “leasing” the software. You only pay…

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Where did my contacts go ?

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Once you have used outlook for a while, it is easy to just start typing the person’s name (or email address) in the to: field and up the details appear. Outlook creates a “cache” – a quick lookup for ease…

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