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All about VOIP

VoIP IT services Auckland

VOIP Services Auckland What is VoIP? VoIP is short for Voice over Inter Protocol. Simply put, it’s the ability to encode your voice, convert this to data which is then sent over a local network or internet connection to a…

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Typing with Special Symbols

Typing with Special Symbols IT companies

Computer Special Characters Symbols Have you always wanted to add a copyright symbol into a document ? how about a trademark symbol? or did you just want to impress an office colleague by typing a bunch of musical notes into…

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Cool Trick for Outlook Appointments

Cool Trick for Outlook Appointments IT companies

Here’s a neat trick for Outlook: you can actually type in date fields! Suppose I wanted to set up a meeting for next Friday. In the meeting creator, instead of clicking on the calendar picker to navigate to the right…

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Hosted Sharepoint

Wizard IT Sharepoint & Voip IT companies Auckland

What is Microsoft SharePoint? Microsoft SharePoint is a team collaboration platform tightly integrated with Microsoft Office to improve information sharing within internal and external teams. Whether a simple document library that is securely accessible from anywhere or advanced document management,…

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IOS 7 Tricks

IOS 7 IT companies Auckland

Some of Apples IOS7 new features might be hurting your battery life. Thing is, it’s not the standout features like AirDrop or the Notification Center — it’s the stealthy settings buried beneath a stack of menus. If you’re noticing a…

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